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iPOTA - Indonesian Parks On The Air is an activity unit or Amateur Radio award program for National Parks, Grand Forest Parks, City Parks, Protected Forests, and Playgrounds that are officially managed by both the government and the private sector. Permission to enter and operate within the Park Area (SIMAKSI) is an obligation that must be fulfilled by the activator or coordinator before carrying out activities/activation.

This activity can be done in groups (clubs) or individually. Activation must be carried out within the park area, the concept of operation must be portable, especially the antenna, it is forbidden to use fixed station antennas that stand permanently even in the park area. There are no restrictions on power source or power output, but still obey the rules according to the respective IAR (Amateur Radio Permit). Activators may emit from vehicles such as cars/motorcycles, and other portable concepts.

Keep obeying all park rules which are usually part of the Conservation Area Entry Permit (SIMAKSI), ask for a Ranger (Forest Police) escort if you are going to operate in areas prone to wild animals and forest areas that are rarely touched by humans. Remember this concept was created to add to the fun of Amateur Radio's hobby and not to trouble & force yourself, so have fun and obey all applicable rules. Prioritize safety under any circumstances. DXPortable is not responsible for any loss caused by negligence, accident, or disaster at the activity location. Find as much information as possible, do a site survey and coordinate with local residents (Amateur Radio and ORLOK) before starting activities.

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